Made for the professional chef, and easy-to use for the home cook. The professional whetstone will make favorite knives perform like they were brand new Use the whetstone's coarse side followed by the polishing side, and no matter what i'm cutting. It willful like slicing through butter. It works on all types of blades.

Product Features

1. High-grade corundum ensures effective sharpening results.

2. Equipped with silica gel non-slip base, guarantees safety when sharpening.

Using Instruction

Take a 1000 / 6000 grit whetstone for example.

1. Soak the stone in the water for about 5 minutes, so that the stone can fully absorb moisture.

2. Choose the sharpening angle according to the different types of knives.

17 degree Razor, Sushi knife, chef knife and kitchen knife.

20 degree Field knife.

30 degree Bayonet knife.

40 degree Survival knife.

3. More the blade back and forth at the right sharpening angle. First use #1000 grinding for a rough grinding for 15-20 minutes, then use #6000 grinding for a fine grinding for 15-20 minutes.

4. In order to keep humidity and prevent the temperature from being too high, water or oil should be added properly in the process of sharpening.

5. After sharpened the knife, wipe the knife with a wet cloth or since it with water, and rinse the sharpening stone directly with water and put it in the air dry.

Time to move on - Phase II -

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