​About me

My name is masahiko. I'm a middle-aged man, living in yokosuka city.

I'm interested in food, fitness and outdoor sports. I also love reading, music and movies.

I'll try to improve English ability. My English level is soooooooo poor!, but I'm studying English and enjoy it. And I'll improve my English skills.


I always listen to the English conversation program on the radio in the morning.

A new day begins with the radio. It's time for life to shine.

Leaning location is "AFN & NHK Radio,Twitter,Instagram and YouTube"


For more details,visit my website log. 👉 "Time to move on. - Phase II -"

Thank you for reading the introduction.


June, 1th,  2019   - Reiwa first year -

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Time to move on - Phase II -

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Web Renewal / 2019

- Reiwa first year -  

Simplify life and mind.

I'll try to improve English ability.

I'm interested in food, fitness and outdoor sports.

 My Policy - 

 1. Conformance and social norm.

 2. Legal Compliance.

 3. No poaching.

 4. No overfishing.

    Propulsion of Catch & Release Style + Back Limit Style

 5. Love the nature, environment and adapt yourself to social norms.

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